St John's Pre-School

St John's PreSchool has a long and successful history of caring for and educating children under five. The work began in 1986, when members of the Church realised there were many young families in the area who would like somewhere to meet. From the very beginning the aim was to provide toddler groups, playgroup and other groups for adults and children in a safe, warm and supportive environment.

We provide high quality education and care. We do not seek to make a profit and so we are able to charge lower than normal rates. Our aim is to serve the local community, so we also offer flexible drop off and collection times.

For more information please visit our website: , ring 01274 985893 or email: 

You can also find us on Facebook

If you look after children under five, we are confident that we offer the best solution to your needs. Please do come and see us, or get in touch.


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